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Google Finance launched, in perma-beta form as usual. A few things about the design are notworthy.

First of all, the use of javascript, or AJAX, or whatever you want to call it, is pretty good. The ability to see the headlines on the graph as it relates to the stock price is extremely well done. Interestingly, it seems Steve Jobs was camera shy.

One last note. How long will it take before a company sues Google for putting blog posts next to their stock information? Now anyone can say something negative about a company’s products or service, and an investor may hear that a consumer doesn’t like it! Yea it would be a garbage lawsuit, and hopefully Google would fight it (and win). But I’m pretty certain it’s just a matter of time before that happens. Even newsgroups seem to make it.

From an investor point of view, that gives good insight on what people think of this company. Not just financially, but actual customers/users.

Overall, a pretty good spin on yet-another-finance-stock-site.

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