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April 13, 2029: A friday 13th to remember

Yikes, that’s about all I can say about this. I’m curious if Bush will be finding a way to claim this is Saddam’s work. I suspect this somehow will be linked to terrorism.

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April 13, 2029 will be extra special for me. Not only is is Friday the 13th and potentially the end of human civilization but April 13, 2029 will also be my 50th Birthday….what a party that would be!

apophis,an asteroid 320 m wide,will pass the earth,but will miss.people say it will be the doomsday,but all i know is dat the asteroid will NOT hit the earth.

Well the fact is that it wont hit in 2029 but its orbit will be slightly changed due to earth’s gravity. There is a 1 to 5000 chance that it will hit. However due to chng in orbit it will return in 2036 and is more likely to hit

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