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Spyware disabling itself in Spybot S&D

Well, I found this rather alarming. Apparantly some Spyware is learning to disable itself from Spybot S&D. Unfortunately, I went through the list real quick and unchecked all so it searches for everything… but didn’t make note of which made the list (just got home from work, tired, hungry, and not thinking). Blasted, would have been nice to post here and see if just had a corrupt preference file (I just upgraded to 1.3), or if this really is Insurgent Spyware fighting back.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on this with all systems I have it installed on. With any luck, if it’s really the next generation in Spyware fighting, it will happen again, otherwise, most likely a false alarm.

So more later if I think this is real. Please don’t set off a public alarm, just take a look yourself and see if you find this. Lets not get our panties in a knot. Thanks.

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