Good idea for Thunderbird Plugin

Props to whomever can implement this:

I miss being able to open links in emails in tabs. Props to whomever can restore the “Open in New Tab” menu item to Thunderbird, and have it open in a new tab in Firebird.

That right now is my biggest Thunderbird regression. I miss my tabs.

Other than that, so far I’m rather satisfied. More details on my feelings on Thunderbird as my default email client later. I’ll also give a brutally honest review of Firebird as my daily browser. Illustrating what I like, what I love, and what I hate.

Overall, I’m doing pretty good in the new SW. I got my profile transfered (despite no import utility present). And I’m giving it a go. I know already I’m not going back. But that doesn’t mean SeaMonkey wasn’t good.

More info later.

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