On occasion I’ve been quoted in various publications often for either causing trouble or commenting on it. Here’s a few I’ve managed to pick up on. If you know of one that isn’t on the list, let me know:


Apple approves Mozilla’s Firefox Home iPhone app

Computerworld / Gregg Keizer / July 16, 2010
A fair chunk of the article dedicated to how Apple classified Firefox Home as an adult application because it connects to the Internet based on my reaction blog post.


Judges panned Woz’s cha cha but it’s a hit on YouTube

Mercury News / Scott Duke Harris / March 12, 2009
Got a mention regarding Woz’s Dancing With The Starts Appearance “The blogosphere has given mixed reviews. Web developer Robert Accettura, who admits to being both a Mac and TV addict on his blog, expressed ambivalence. Even if he’s not sure he actually wants to see Woz dance, Accettura said he’d be rooting for him all the same….”

BitTorrent in the Browser

ajaxian / Dion Almaer / January 19, 2009
Asks it’s audience for an opinion to my proposal for using BitTorrent for HTTP failover.


Google Chrome Tips and Pointers

Google Blogscoped / Philipp Lenssen / September 9, 2008
References my post regarding Google Chrome’s about:internets. Post was syndicated to PC World (AU) and Network World.

S3 Outage Makes Developers Consider Redundancy

monkey_bites (Webmonkey) / Adam DuVander / July 21, 2008
Quotes my analysis of the July 20, 2008 Amazon S3 Outage.

Over 40 Proven Ways to Get Far More Out of Firefox

OStatic / Sam Dean / April 4, 2008
Discusses how to get the most out of Firefox and recommends my series of blog posts of Firefox Tips.

Finding a worm in the Apple? Secret APIs in Mac OS X

ars technica / Ryan Paul / February 29, 2008
Article on undocumented framekwork API’s that WebKit is using which would be helpful to Gecko developers, quotes a blog post of mine.

Opera, Mozilla and Safari react to IE’s solution for browser compatibility issues

Opera Watch / Daniel Goldman / January 23, 2008
Article on reactions to Microsoft’s plan to use a meta tag as a toggle for standards mode quoting various developers and includes a quote from a blog post of mine.

Robert Accettura – Presidential Campaigns and Website Secrets

CMS Report / Bryan / January 12, 2008
Referenced a blog for “Secrets In Websites II” follow up in a popular series regarding easter eggs in web code.


Reports of Firefox 3.0 bugs overblown, most significant bugs squashed

ars technica / Ryan Paul / November 19, 2007
Article on software development and deciding the cutoff for bugs in a release cycle, quotes a blog post of mine.

Thunderbird still has potential to fly despite developers leaving the nest

ars technica / Ryan Paul / October 09, 2007
Article on the recent departure of Thunderbird engineers from Mozilla Corporation, quotes a blog post of mine.

Robert Accettura comments on UI for Mac Applications

CMS Report / Bryan / September 29, 2007
Referenced a blog post on Mac UI.

Robert Accettura: Bayesian Spam Filter Poisoning With RSS

CMS Report / Bryan / January 31, 2007
Referenced a blog post on spam filtering

Robert Accettura: Secrets In Websites

CMS Report / Bryan / January 21, 2007
Referenced a blog post on “Secrets In Website” a series of blog posts about easter eggs in web code.


Robert Accettura: Blog Marketing

CMS Report / Bryan / December 17, 2006
Referenced a blog post on blog marketing

See an “IE Only” Site? Report It!

Wired Blogs – Monkey Bites / Michael Calore / October 17, 2006
Wired posted a follow up to an earlier post after I left a comment about using the reporter tool I wrote in Firefox.

Web 2.0 Viewpoint: Backlash From User Generated Websites – Is This “Bubble 2.0”?

Enterprise Open Source Magazine / September 13, 2006
Reprinting (with permission) a blog post of mine regarding the Web 2.0 bubble.

Clean up your Firefox profile

lifehacker / Adam Pash / May 4, 2006
References a blog post I wrote on cleaning a firefox profile. lifehacker is a blog by Gawker Media.


Free IPods — Engraved

Wired Blogs – Cult Of Mac / Wired Blogs / October 05, 2004
Wired posted an email I left them regarding and referenced my blog.