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Android SDK Released

We knew it was coming, and it’s now here. I haven’t looked at it too closely, but a few things I’ve noticed: Yet another XML UI? Clearly it’s becoming a popular way to do things, but do we need so many? XUL, MXML, XAML, now Android? Surely there must be another way. XUL as a […]

XUL Web Services Sample

Anyone have a sample of a simple XUL form (perhaps 2 fields, either a textbox, or pulldown, or something) submitting to an app via web services? It’s lacking in documentation (grumbles and looks towards developers). Note: I’m not looking for third party javascript web service implementations. As Mozilla native as possible. Thanks in advance.

Apple and the Internet

Anyone still not reading David Hyatt’s Blog should start doing so ASAP. If you read this blog, and find anything relevant, you will most definitely find his relevant. He’s a browser guru with his hand in many things. A definite site to bookmark. A few comments on this whole Safari/Dashboard thing… Personally, I wish it […]


Ben Goodger discussed the idea of making an XUL based Blog posting window. I’m currently working on it. Can be seen here. Far from done, but a great way to learn XUL! Quite impressive what one can do so easily. XUL is pretty cool. 😀