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Did The Nazi’s Try To Attack NYC Via Submarine Based Missile?

An interesting story about Andy Rooney’s WWII reporting on USA Today : Amid the din, Rooney’s buddy, an intelligence officer, shared an astonishing story. The day before, which happened to be Election Day, Army Air Force radar had detected the Germans launching a missile aimed at New York City from a U-boat situated several hundred […]

“The Bunkers”

A French military bunker from WWI and WWII was discovered by urban explorers. The preservation of some of the vehicles is amazing. So very cool. Hopefully this gets preserved and protected against vandalism and theft. [Via: Gizmodo]

World War II Fighter Helmet Cam

Some awesome video shot via Helmet Camera. P-40K, the FG-1D and the P-51D. I’d recommend watching full screen and 720p. [Via: Gizmodo]

Interesting Things

10 Wierdest things you can buy on Amazon is definitely weird. Sure to make the delivery guy wonder. Also quite interesting is How To Hide An Airplane Factory. [Hat Tip: A Welsh View]