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What Is Money?

What is money?

Here’s an amusing video from 1947 titled “What is Money?” Considering the economy right now, not a bad one to watch.

[Hat tip: The Consumerist]


Paul Anka Smells Like Teen Spirit

Paul Anka Sings Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

This might be the worst thing I’ve seen since the Kathy Bates incident. Both are things that will haunt me for years to come. Click and watch if you dare. Trust me, it’s haunting. Kurt Cobain must be spinning in his grave.

Paul Anka Kurt Cobain

Try sleeping after seeing that image. Good night.

[Hat Tip: Fake Steve Jobs]


24 In 1994

What would 24 be like if it was aired in 1994? Just check the pilot. People didn’t really live with that primitive technology did they 😉 .


Chimpanzee On A Skateboard

Chimp on a Skateboard

Can he be any cooler? I think not. Click the thumbnail for the video.

On a sidenote: I may have to put together a category on this blog for just linking to the best monkey content on the web. Could be fun.

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St. Maarten Airport Fun

A week ago I came back from St. Maarten, an island known for it’s weather and beaches. There are a few ways to tell a good beach from a great one:

  1. Clean beaches.
  2. Evidence that topless tanning is allowed.
  3. Signs like the one to the left warning you of death by heavy metal.

A beach with an active runway for an international airport makes for a good time. So much so I got to this beach a several times. Equipped with a camera phone I took some video’s of the fun. The video’s are slightly grainy since it was taken on a phone, and a bit shaky since the jet blast could be pretty strong at times.

For the record, sand does go through clothing at that speed. It was strong enough that I wasn’t able to watch a takeoff live as I had to turn my head and close my eyes. Only afterward could I watch the video replay.


Boeing 747 takeoff (can’t even keep the camera up).

Almost being hit by a DHL plane

Side Shot of a landing

There’s about a dozen videos and a few pictures.

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Gmail Theater

Gmail Theater

Cool video by Google on why to use Gmail. Intentionally very cheesy. Gotta love it.

[Hat Tip: Justin Uberti]

Apple Hardware

Virtual Click Wheel for iPod? Widescreen?!?!

The biggest complaint about the video iPod is the small screen size. If Apple made the iPod screen bigger, the iPod would be bigger, and use more battery life, two bad things.

This touchpad patent looks like the cure to one of these problems. It would let apple make the entire front of the iPod a display. Similar to what Palm did by getting rid of the graffiti area and making it virtual. Their’s the “ooh” factor that’s sure to sell, and the larger screen. Apple could even take a hint from Palm and design it so that the press of a “button” (likely something on that screen rather than a physical button) would make it show video in landscape mode (read: wide screen).

This article seems to hint it’s targeted more at tablet PC’s (which have been rumored for a few years now). Personally, I’m thinking a widescreen iPod is more likely.

iPod Wide Screen
iPod photo copyright Apple Computer Inc. Modified (poorly) by Robert Accettura.

Anyone else think this is a distinct possibility?

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Stacy’s Mom – Video of the Year

Seriously, bands need to start making entertaining video’s again. Lets face it, the mostly suck. Here’s one that kicks some serious butt:

Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne) (RealOne Player Required)

Now that’s some quality entertainment. Besides for the obvious reasons of enjoyment (lets face it, Stacy’s mom, aka Rachael Hunter is very good looking) it’s also a decent song… and a hysterical video. Just what the doctor ordered. Entertainment. Isn’t that the industry the Music business falls under?

Funny video throughout, very well done… great ending as well 🙂

That’s a quality video. Lets see more of those.