Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop

Most likely one of the more enjoyable training operations they get to participate in. From Wikipedia:

Operation Christmas Drop is a tradition that serves as a training mission for the United States Air Force which started in 1952. It has since become the longest running U.S. Department of Defense mission in full operation, and the longest running humanitarian airlift in the world. Supported by the local communities of Guam, it is primarily conducted from Andersen Air Force Base and Yokota Air Base.


Does it always have to be bad?

Why is it that it takes tragedy for people to get together? You would think humans would be a little more preemptive than that.

Took 9/11 to get the country to even think about the word “United”.

Takes a death for some people to get together.

Kind of sad… pretty pathetic. Not very bright from a species that claims to be superior, a species that “evolved” from monkeys.

Just thoughts for the day.