Slow Site

Last Friday (May 2), the data center where this site lives suffered a power fluctuation due to some tornado activity in the area. The actual outage (if there was even one) seemed to have been in the 5 minute ballpark based on various monitors. Apparently this somehow resulted in a routing problem resulting in some lag and packet loss for some (including myself). Possibly a router that didn’t persist as well as one would hope. This is being investigated.

As a result, if this site (and it’s feed) seems slower than normal, that’s the reason.

Hurricane Update

It’s getting a bit stronger. Winds now can gust at I would estimate 15-20MPH (most likely more like 15). More cloudy, humid, a bit cool, and a few drops of rain, though it’s literally just a few tiny drops.

Will be updating the blog quite a bit today with updates. Lets face it, weather is interesting.

Estimated to get quite a bit of rain, and some wind. Though they keep downgrading it for this area, so it’s actually looking better and better.

More later.

Isbel’s Hole

From the best weather service on the planet ( Cashed here for historical purposes:


Looks like a hole over NJ. Any time now, I guess it’s going to start getting more windy. It looks like just a faint breeze outside the window. Will know soon enough.

Surprisingly quiet outside. No people, no animals making noise, no nothing. It’s completely dead. Guess that means a bad storm is coming.

It’s final. Batten down the hatches

Looks like a hurricane is coming. At least that’s what the news is reporting. They claim south Jersey is going to get “tropical storm force winds”. According to this, that means 39-74 MPH winds. Yikes.

And that’s if we are lucky. A little turn up north, and could be more.

No classes canceled as of yet. Despite others having canceled classes. I better get a hurricane day. To make it worth the inconvenience.