Quick Stats

Just thought this would be interesting to some… here are some quick stats on this blog:

  • 534 Posts
  • 561 Comment Posters
  • 9 Links
  • 80,248 Words

Not quite 2 years… but it’s pretty cool to see so many people reading!

I’ve got some big things coming up soon. I’ve been working hard for a long time, and I’ll be making some announcements here in coming months. Of course any beta program I do for any upcoming project I have will be announced here first (should I do a public beta). And I’ve got a few other things in mind 😉

Yes… it will be a very interesting next couple of months. Keep your eyes on this blog. I won’t give out any more details than I have so far (so don’t bother trying). But trust me. I’ve been a busy bee the past few months.