Quiet Times

I’ve been somewhat quiet lately. I haven’t been coding much thanks to my computers all needing parts (hard drive, RAM). I’ve also just been taking some time off (away from the keyboard).

Today I even took out Sim City 2000 and installed it on my Mac mini. First time I touched that in several years. Ran rather well except for traffic not showing up well on the roads. Considering that’s a classic app, and I’m running Mac OS X 10.4, not bad. So much faster than it was a decade ago (I can do 1 year of simulation in about 10 seconds now). Getting it installed was the tricky part. Sim City 2000 came on floppy disks (remember those?) Had to boot up the old Performa, create disk images, and save it to a zip disk. Then use the G3 to convert the disk images to the newer dmg format as OS X Jaguar had no problem with it, but Tiger refused to read them. Then save it to Bender and download on the Mac Mini. That’s right, 4 Mac’s were involved. Thanks to only 1 floppy drive around (Bender has one, but there are no real OS X drivers for such an archaic device). So Sim City stole several hours of my day (damn it’s addicting).