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Strange Signage: No Coitus

No Sex Sign

I love signage. It’s interesting how someone in a minimalist way tries to send a message to a massive audience. Here is a sign prohibiting sex. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

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The Color Red

Women are more attracted to men in red according to recent research: Red, Rank, and Romance in Women Viewing Men [PDF].

…in a series of 7 experiments we demonstrate that women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background and in red clothing, and we additionally show that status perceptions are responsible for this red effect. The influence of red appears to be specific to women’s romantic attraction to men: Red did not influence men’s perceptions of other men, nor did it influence women’s perceptions of men’s overall likability, agreeableness, or extraversion.

Considering how common it is in the animal kingdom, this shouldn’t be surprising. Even in in modern humans it’s common, for example red lipstick.

Still it’s interesting that something like color can have an impact on a person.

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Coming Soon: 3D Pornography

Apparently some enterprising director is working on 3D porn. Yes, the same technology being used in movies, but for porn. Will anyone want to actually watch porn in 3D? Will they be able to sit through it without ducking? I’m really not sure. I suspect morbid curiosity may help lift the sales for the first one. It may also make a good novelty gift when it’s on Blu-ray.

If that isn’t bad enough Gizmodo is reporting that someone is at work on an IMAX 3D porn flick. I can’t even type this without cringing and laughing. I dare anyone to watch that in an IMAX theater and not duck under their seats. This might be the worst idea I’ve read in a long time. I don’t think anyone wants to see that in 3D on such a large encompassing screen. Or maybe I’m totally wrong and it will be wildly popular.

I recall a few years ago reading about the backlash of people who found HD to be “too much”. Even worse than watching with headphones. This is going in a whole other direction.

This was to silly for me not to post.

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Sexing Up Your Towwwwwnnnn

Sex Robot

This has internet meme written all over it. It might be the first time a YouTube comment provides some relevant context:

The first viewing, you wonder “what the hell”. Second viewing, you’re thinking “this is kinda funny”. Viewings 3-10, you know now this is hilarious. After 15-25 viewings, you wonder if you have a problem. 26-49 makes you appreciate the sociological undertones of Sex Robot. 50+ viewings and you recognize it as your new God.

Warning: It may get stuck in your head.