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Cookie Monster Sings “Share It Maybe”

I love that how Sesame Street manages to keep up with pop culture. Generally speaking it’s primary audience (young children) don’t always get it, but older kids and adults do.

Sesame Street Gets Rule 34’d

Rule 34 of the internet: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

Elmo’s Song

Looking at this from the perspective of an adult, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus are nothing but sarcastic dicks in the first half of this song. I was still pretty young when this first aired so I guess I overlooked it back then if I saw it. Today it’s funny but in a very different way […]

I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon

By far one of the better Jim Henson songs ever on the show, this one dating form . This was a version with Aaron Neville done after Jim Henson’s death. If you listen carefully you can tell it’s the same voice track mixed with Aaron Neville’s vocals. Ok, enough with the retro videos for now.

The Count Censored

If you’re a member of any of the Sesame Street generations, meaning you were a child in 1969 or later (a group including the president) you may want to ignore this post. That is if you value those pure innocent memories. Don’t blame me for ruining your childhood 😉 . Otherwise, watch the video linked […]

Just One Person

This performance was the closing to the Jim Henson Memorial Service at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine 19 years ago. This was part of a larger complication [part 1, part 2]. There were quite a few notable performances at the memorial including Big Bird singing “It’s not easy being green“. Very cool video.

Sesame Street Fun

In my opinion, this is the best parody of Avenue Q’s “The Internet is For Porn”. Using Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn is awesome (not to mention Prairie Dawn is a one of the more obscure characters). If you find this stuff amusing, here’s Bert and Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap, Bert and Ernie – Ernie I’m […]

Elmo Numa Numa

This is disturbing enough to keep me awake for some time, yet still funny. Edit: Elmo and Andrea Bocelli and Elmo and Robert DeNiro are just slightly less wierd.