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Another Yankee Plane Crash?

Yikes! Considering what happened, it’s amazing how few were harmed. What’s even more striking are the parallels.

The media is nonstop with the parallels to 9/11, and for good reason (burning skyline, plane, Oct 11), but there are other strange examples of reliving history that come to my mind:

Empire State Building was at one point struck by a B-25. Also a brick building, which happened to survive rather well (larger airplane, larger building).

Thurman Munson had a somewhat similar fate, lack of experience and an airplane. Not sure if you need to be a Yankee fan for this to be the first thing you think of when you hear of a baseball player killed in a plane crash. I’d guess most would think of Roberto Clemente. But I’ve heard the story enough that it came to mind quickly.

It’s said Yankee contracts since Munson’s death require any Yankee piloting an aircraft to have a licensed instructor with them. Who knows what George Steinbrenner will do now. Perhaps ground the Yankees?

The other thing that went through my mind was that Seinfeld episode (The Boyfriend) with Keith Hernandez (of Mets Fame) where George (who goes on to work for the Yankees about 2 seasons later) asks:

You know Keith, what I’ve always wondered, with all these ball clubs flying around all season don’t you think there would be a plane crash? …

But if you think about it…26 teams, 162 games a season, you’d think eventually an entire team would get wiped out.

Just some random thoughts after watching the news coverage.