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Boosted Boards

The Boosted Board is essentially a motorized skateboard with the purpose of being your vehicle of choice for the “last mile”. For example getting you from that train/bus to your destination. It’s a really clever idea with some pretty awesome engineering behind it. I’m skeptical it will catch on however. While it looks great in […]


Segway Still Cool?

Is the Segway still cool? I don’t know, I tried one and liked it, but I think I might like this even better. [Hat tip: Gizmodo]

I’m back

I’m back from a week in Florida. Good relaxation, no computers, no code, no internet, no server issues, no geeky stuff, just fun in the sun (and occasional rain). But I did do one thing quite geeky… got to ride a Segway. Takes a few minutes to learn to trust it (it’s more powerful at […]

Segway Climbs Mt.Washington

This article makes me wonder if people have to much time and money.