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Boosted Boards

The Boosted Board is essentially a motorized skateboard with the purpose of being your vehicle of choice for the “last mile”. For example getting you from that train/bus to your destination. It’s a really clever idea with some pretty awesome engineering behind it.

I’m skeptical it will catch on however. While it looks great in purpose, most of the places where this would be ideal, urban places with good public transportation are quite a bit more crowded than the video. I see this as being quite similar to the problem that gets in the way of the Segway. The big perk the Boosted Board has is it’s small and easy to carry on public transportation and would be lower cost. However, good luck operating one in NYC.



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Segway Still Cool?

Robot Overlord

Is the Segway still cool? I don’t know, I tried one and liked it, but I think I might like this even better.

[Hat tip: Gizmodo]


I’m back

I’m back from a week in Florida. Good relaxation, no computers, no code, no internet, no server issues, no geeky stuff, just fun in the sun (and occasional rain).

But I did do one thing quite geeky… got to ride a Segway. Takes a few minutes to learn to trust it (it’s more powerful at climbing hills than you’d think). But it’s a pretty cool thing to do if you get a chance. Pretty fast, powerful, easy to use, and just amazing fun. So if you ever get a chance, check one out. Lots of fun. Segway’s may be the way of the future.

Anyway, will take a day or so to catch up, so much (2700+ emails, 700 of which are not spam). Also got a few other little things to take care of.

More later.

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Segway Climbs Mt.Washington

This article makes me wonder if people have to much time and money.