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The Wall of Shame

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger has a really cool new screensaver (video available through the link).

I think having the new reporter tool’s “Top 10 Worst Offenders” list as a screensaver to make an official “wall of shame” would be rather cool. I think that will be my new screensaver when it ships.


Mozilla Propaganda

We’ve got lots of neat stuff coming about. From the shirts at the Mozilla Store, to the FireFox desktop pic. Branding is starting to actually happen. Quite some time after the ideas first came about.

What I’m looking for is a Firefox, and Thunderbird (don’t forget Thunderbird!!!), screensaver that would cause people to stop what they are doing to watch.

Between the words fire, and thunder. I would think someone could do something creative.

I’d love for some new screensaver that would really impress and brainwash anyone who stops by. If we could get people to use such screensavers at the office, think about how many eyes will see the brands every day.

A good professional screensaver would really be a way to push the Mozilla name. I think it’s a worthwhile venture.

I kind of like something moving, and powerful like this. Or those awesome Mac OS X screensavers.


Open Source Screen Saver (Hack away friends)

I know many readers of this blog are space fans. Look at other blogs on Mozilla and Open Source software and it’s very evident. If you are, your in luck. I’ve just put together somewhat of a mess of scripting that will give you semi-modern video of space as your screen saver.

Looks like the Green one in this image, though moving. Could easily change to get the others.

The inspiration is this Slashdot article. I love the video of the sun, and thought it would make a good screensaver. But I wanted it to update periodically. So I decided to make it do just that.

Because everyone shares so much information with me, I feel inclined to do the same, so this is rough documentation. Feel free to hack it up more, make it pretty, new video source, etc. Share and lets make this a decent product. My way of saying thank you. Isn’t Open Source loving in that non-sexual sort of way? Can’t get a VD from Open Source, but it feels good.

Note: This is for Windows 98,ME,2000,XP… though this should easily be adapted for Mac OS X, Linux users. I’m sure someone will do it quick. I’m short on time, but at some point, will be hacking this up for OS X, provided I can find the means to do video screen savers (perhaps someone will help, don’t remember if QuickTime SS is provided with Jaguar and later).

One last note: There are of course other ways to go about this. This method is an attempt to use as much free software as possible, with minimal coding. CURL is free open source, Scheduled Tasks comes with Windows (Crontab is free on UNIX, as well as unix itself). Media players are free downloads, or even open source.

Anyway. Here we go…