Quiz, class, fun

2 classes, a Quiz this afternoon, then some fun πŸ˜€

One easy class Thursday, so Wednesday afternoon marks the unoffical end of my week.

I’ve got some stuff on my agenda for tonight, lots of work, and perhaps some neat toy.

Last night, I put up a nice patch for Bug 235577. I think it’s a pretty cool enhancement. Then again, just my personal opinion. Hopefully it will get reviewed in a few days, and all can use it.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

No class Monday, no class Tuesday evening.

Here’s wishing for a happy Wednesday.



Semester IV

My 4th semester of college starts tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull up that GPA. Accounting II should be a boat load of fun (why I can’t be an accountant).

Also in the works this week is some template porting for, locking down the template, and writing some smaller scripts that will be used on the site (those silly little things that need to be done, but aren’t fun like the more complex systems in the work). Also on the agenda is getting Thunderbird’s source to download/compile.


Tis a busy day

Already cleaned snow (damn snow plow blocked the driveway, as usual), for the third time this weekend. Worked out, going to take a shower and eat. After that, I get to write my 4th speech for public speaking, make a visual, program, study for finals, and of course watch the Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle. Oh, and a take home quiz for Statistics I.

Going to be a busy 24 hrs. Then next week is going to stink.

Then an easy 4 weeks 😎


Why must my ass get kicked?

School is starting to kick my ass. I’ve got lots of studying this week, meaning much less outside work (read: anything visible online) will be done in the next few days. Unfortunately, MacVillage is coming along, and is becoming very standards compliant. I’m thrilled to be working with standards more than ever. So much so, I’m becoming addicted to it (yikes).

But cool stuff will follow the silence.

Open Source Programming

GCC for class

In my ongoing voyage of picking up some C++, I’m now using GCC on my laptop for class, and MSVC in class. That makes life a bit easier for me… less lab time. That makes life much better.

I’m burnt. Sleep. Much more work today than expected. Not fun. At least tomorrow is the end of my week (I don’t do Fridays). So I can relax @ 4:45 PM. Actually I can’t. Exams to study for. But at least tomorrow I can think about it.


Why I can’t be an accountant

I can’t be an accountant because:

  1. Accounting is boring.
  2. Accounting involves math, I have an allergy to math.
  3. Accounting involves pencils, I like pens.
  4. Accountants are CPA’s. Not exactly a catchy title.
  5. Accounting is examining other people’s money… not my own.
  6. Accounting as “counting” in the name. Not exactly something to impress people with.
  7. Accounting office parties just sound lame… they must be 10X worse than they sound.
  8. Top of the line Accounting software is “Peach Tree”. Not “Peach”, not “tree”, “Peach Tree”. A little fruity. At least “Apple” sounds cool. “Peach” just doesn’t.
  9. Celebrating the Fiscal New Year sounds like the most depressing new year yet.
  10. I don’t want to be somebody’s “Bob from Accounting”. Eek.

“Call Bob from accounting. See if he has those TPS reports ready” [Sound of gunshot as Bob kills himself]

Needless to say, Accounting I is a pain in the butt.


To much studying

To much studying to do… not much playtime.

Weekend soon… not sure how much fun time I will get then either. Busy weekend me thinks.


Week 1 Over

Week one back in School is over.

How many more to go?

Me tired. To bed.


Lack of Posting

Lack of Posting thanks to busy schedule, and lack of network access (switch was powered off in dorm). Thankfully, I’m connected, and checking email, and catching up.

More later… maybe.

BTW: evening without net access sucks. No email, no TV Guide.