IT and Business

I decided to become a Business Management Information Systems (MIS) major, with a Computer Science minor, to the surprise of many a few years ago. Seems like I’m the smart guy after all.

That article made me feel pretty good.


No network access

I’ve been silent because I have no network access on campus yet. For some reason my dorm, and the one across the hall aren’t hooked up to the switch in the basement. Hopefully that will be resolved quickly, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve been told 5-10 business days. Meaning it could be until 9/15. Home on weekends as usual, so I’m plugged in now.

So pardon the weekday silence. I’m practically non-existent until I get a connection.


Summer Vacation is here!!!

Summer Break!!!!

Oh joy. no more school. Can’t even begin to tell you how sick of school I am.


It’s almost over

The end of the year is approaching, and I can taste it.



May Madness

Finals are here, and yes we are talking sports… Academic challenges that it. The muscle: the brain.

Ugh. What fun. I think I’d rather eat dirt.

On a sidenote, About Schmidt is a pretty good movie. Quite funny, especially if you like Jack Nicholson. Just beware that there is a nude scene featuring Kathy Bates. Quite revolting. Her baby feeding apparatus covers the rest of her… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or just another revolting trait. Great actress, but needs clothing.


Another week done

My goals for the weekend:

Catch up on email/IM’s, bugs I missed while sick (almost done)
See how far away from getting a few blocking problems resolved with relaunch
Follow up on some forum threads I fell behind on
Revise term paper on technology waste
Securita research (most likely no code)
Reserch for Biology Presentation (anyone have some good info on wolf reintroduction?)
Project Aquarius

Also wouldn’t mind working out, sleeping, and of course watching some TV πŸ˜€ .


Fun with todo lists


Legal Environments Paper/Power Point
Math Test
Marketing Test
unmangle patch for importing .eml files (it’s either on my laptop or server).
Create Schedule for next Semester

Filling in any spare moment with Project Aquarius, work, and perhaps a few hours of TV or even sleep.

So yes, I’m alive, but if I’m not replying to bugmail, Email, IM, private messages, forum posts, banging on dumpsters from a county over, look above and you know why. I’m still reading, but not replying unless it’s critical, or I have a few moments to relax.


Term Paper Suckage

Yea, term papers definitely suck. Especially when your writing it over spring break, especially when you look outside and see snow on the ground.

Anyway, I decided for an environmental biology paper to write about Technology Recycling. Geeky, but still covers the class quite a bit. Perhaps I’ll publish to the blog at the end of the semester. Quite a bit of interesting stuff in here, a lot more than most ever think about when buying, or disposing of a computer.

So I’ve got a stack of papers on my desk, and 2 books to read. Lots of work.

Back to work with me.


Agenda for tomorrow

My continuing agenda:

  • Study for Exams (Legal Environments, Accounting) coming up
  • Write a case study analysis for Marketing
  • Rework how handles rss feeds, including support for a few more.
  • Fix the b@st@rd!zat!on of the homepage
  • More templating fun



I’ve got a todo list longer than Microsoft’s Bug list

Tests, papers, programming, emails to send.

I’m swamped. If anyone wants some work to do, let me know πŸ˜€

Back to work.