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Things are going to get busy

Just to give the heads up: finals are approaching, this means that my time is going to become more and more limited in the next few weeks. I highly recommend anyone who needs me for something start leaning a little bit now and make sure it’s on my radar… or you may be waiting on […]

Calendar Math

Just looked at my calendar. In 5 weeks finals are upon me. That means in 6 weeks. Summer is here! Oh yea, Happy Easter.

Paul Graham on College

Paul Graham, whose writing I greatly admire wrote an excellent bit on College recently. Being a college student myself, I found this to be by far the most interesting thing he’s ever written (and there’s quite a bit of competition there). A few things he wrote stick out in my mind: The way to be […]

Snow Day?

Well, got up, checked my email, hit the shower, had breakfast, and went to class: World Lit 2/24 Canceled: Enjoy the Snow Well thanks for the Email! Oh well…. on my way back I snapped a few pictures of the snow (from the Camera Phone). Edit: 2:30 pics posted. Last one is a cheap rip […]

Fun With Todo Lists

Some things upcoming this week: Operations Management Quiz (hopefully not to hard) Find/Order USB 2 PCMCIA card for Laptop (any recommendations) Order iSkin for iPod Hopefully Free Mac Mini’s will have #10 and be processing (likely done, just hasn’t and registered). If above goes to processing, time to start researching a nice LCD display (likely […]

Reading list

Well, it’s snowing (perhaps some pictures tomorrow if I remember, and my cell phone’s battery lasts). Anyway tonight and tomorrow I’ve got a fair amount of reading. World Lit, International Business, and Operations Management await. Yea. I’m gearing up to post more pics. No fancy digital camera. But I do have a camera phone (as […]

School is a pain in the butt

The picture here represents how school is treating me lately, and the reason I’m so behind on stuff I’ve been wanting to do. As you can see, I’m represented in the picture, so is school, and you, my faithful reader are also shown, merely watching on as school treats me to some “learning”. School is […]

Busy Week or Two Ahead

I’m going to be rather involved with school, so I’m not sure I’ll be posting to much, or accomplishing to much in the next week or two. Apparently I have Thursday off, so that should make a 4 day weekend, and make my life much easier. So hopefully I can gain the upper hand by […]

3 Projects

I’ve got 3 ongoing projects at the moment consuming my time. Yes they are rather intensive projects…. not to mention I have school 😉 When they break, it will be big. So this blog will be somewhat more quiet over the next few weeks.

Where is all my time?

I’ve been keeping rather busy these past few weeks: School, – 18 credit course load is keeping me occupied. r.m.o – Trying to get the r.m.o project to a point where it can be usable. Coming along well, but not quite where I want it, at least yet. Project Aquarius – I’m still working on […]