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“Single?” Lawn Signs Revealed

Some obsessed blogger figured out who is behind all those “Single?” signs you see when driving around. It ends up it’s a massive coordinated effort by a multi-million dollar company, not just a bunch of uncoordinated “I can make a website too” entrepreneur.

Having seen them on the side of the road, I’ve always wondered if that was actually an effective business, but never to the level of doing the work to find out. I assumed it was no different than that “Make $5,000 from home” signs you see.


Firefox for only $37.95?

SiteAdvisor has an interesting article up on a scam where a site makes people pay to download Firefox. As much as $37.95!

I’ll let you all in on a little secret. For the next 30 x 6.022 x 1023 days, you can get Firefox completely FREE! No ads, no spyware, and no spam! Just download here.

What’s the catch? Enjoy the internet, and perhaps tell a friend ;-).

Ok, but seriously it’s pretty sad to see people scamming innocent internet users. Just remember when you tell people about Firefox, to give them an official URL (,,, and tell them it’s 100% free.

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E-mail STD Hoax… coming to your inbox soon

Why does this just seem to be asking for a hoax to be created? Do people think at all before coming up with these ideas?

I can see it now [the following simulation email is purely fictional and has not to my knowledge been used]:


I am writing to you today from the Los Angeles County Health Department. It has come to our attention that a sexual partner of yours has been diagnosed with an Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). To help prevent the spread of such diseases we are notifying you so that you may be tested.

Your name will be published to a website to alert potential sexual partners that you have been in contact with a confirmed STD carrier unless you arange to pay a removal fee ($100), and send away for a testing kit ($350). To inquire about how to do so and protect yourself, reply to this email with your Full Name, Address, and Back Account Information.

This just sounds like something that will be used as a hoax to scam people out of money in the near future. I’m surprised they would even attempt to do something like this.

Just wait until the Los Angeles County Health Department wants you to help them secure funds for health research during the upcoming elections by holding it in your back account, in return they will give you 10%. 😀

Just another reason why you should always be skeptical of what comes in your email. I know I wouldn’t believe one of these emails.

Some things do need to be delivered by a Postal Worker.