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Santa Roasting On An Open Fire

Santa roasting on an open fire. Isn’t this what the holidays are all about? Click the thumbnail for the pyro-loving video.

Tracking Santa

Using Google Earth you can now track santa. You’ll need to open this kml file in Google Earth and it will start tracking Santa. You can press F11 to put it in Full Screen mode (and again to get out of full screen) to turn your computer into a Santa tracker. Geeks should note it’s […]

Saddam Captured

This concludes another fun with photoshop Saddam, is really Santa 1000 years ago (“Saddam is arabic for “Santa past”). Evil Bin Laden, trying to steal Christians Christmas (remember this is a religious war), went back in his time machine he stole from the Iranian government. He captured Santa from the past: and brought him to […]