The reviews come in…

CNET posted a review of Firefox 1.0, and of particular interest is this breakdown of their rating:

Setup and interface 8
Features 9
Service and support 7

[Source: CNET @ 11/10/2004 9:20 AM EST ]

I want to draw attention to “Service and Support”. That’s where open source still lacks.

Firefox destroyed in marketing thus far when people said open source doesn’t advertise. I think we need a community driven solution for support to. Something better than a forum, IRC or a newsgroup (the last two, most of our target end users never have used, nor want to learn). We need an easy way to provide quality free support for basic issues. That is going to be critical if Firefox wants to be viewed as a 10/10 product rather than an 8/10. 8/10 is good. 10/10 is Firefox Good. shows a community can replace an entire company division. Now we need to spin it to do tech support.

Perhaps feeding a form of tickets into a forum like solution, let various users post answers, and a moderator after a designated period (4hrs or 10 replies) selects the best answer. That gets sent to the end user. User gets fun points, just like A point for every valid submission. 10 points for every nominated submission.