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QR Codes Compromised By Stickers

Criminals have realized that QR codes are not human readable and are taking advantage. Shocking isn’t it? From The Register: Cybercrooks are putting up stickers featuring URLs embedded in Quick Response codes (QR codes) as a trick designed to drive traffic to dodgy sites. It’s extremely simple to print out a sticker pointing to a […]

QR Codes Suck

WTF QR Codes might be my new favorite blog, at least for the past 2 days it has been. Anyone who thought QR codes had a chance in hell of catching on meet the following two criteria: Doesn’t understand the very basics on how humans prefer to interact with technology. Is too much of a […]

Google Open Sesame

Google quietly put up a new login method via QR code. Essentially the way it works is you view the QR code viewed on a computer or tablet. Then use your smartphone to open the QR code and login via your browser. That process remotely validates the session and that computer can then access your […]