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QA doesn’t just stand for Quality Assurance

QA can also stand for Question/Answer. 😉 Asa Writes …Robert Accettura gets the final question with “We were promised by various people that we would see pictures of the Moz Foundation offices. These promises were never fufilled. Why?” Well, I guess the best answer is, “I suck” 🙂 A few weeks ago I took some […]

I didn’t go with Bugzilla

I was looking for a good bug tracking system, for my personal use. Of course the first thing I turned to was Bugzilla. But I decided instead to go with Mantis. Here’s what I was looking for: Streamlined UI, fast quick bug posting Simplicity Good Sorting Good Control over data Mantis has by far the […]

This could be huge

Bugzilla is a ugly beast, but it’s a great, solid product. Never saw anything better. Looks like a testcase manager may be on the way. I think this could really help make things more efficient. Lets hope it all goes as well and this can become a new tool. Who knows, perhaps they can dump […]