3 Projects

I’ve got 3 ongoing projects at the moment consuming my time. Yes they are rather intensive projects….

not to mention I have school πŸ˜‰

When they break, it will be big.

So this blog will be somewhat more quiet over the next few weeks.


Fun with todo lists


Legal Environments Paper/Power Point
Math Test
Marketing Test
unmangle patch for importing .eml files (it’s either on my laptop or server).
Create Schedule for next Semester

Filling in any spare moment with Project Aquarius, work, and perhaps a few hours of TV or even sleep.

So yes, I’m alive, but if I’m not replying to bugmail, Email, IM, private messages, forum posts, banging on dumpsters from a county over, look above and you know why. I’m still reading, but not replying unless it’s critical, or I have a few moments to relax.


What’s wrong with Mozilla

Daniel Glazman published is FOSDEM slides. A few things I wanted to touch upon real quick:

  • new toolkit’s documentation is lighter than light. Sorry to say, but sucks on documentation… Again. If we want embedder, we NEED documentation. Example: the autocomplete textbox

Well who can object to this one? As someone learning a bit on Mozilla’s source code. It’s lacking in documentation all around. I’m sure embedder related documentation is no better than anything else. Unfortunately I’m not able to participate, as I could personally use some good documentation myself.

  • Firefox and Thunderbird people ping me when they need a review with an editor’s eye point of view but are almost unresponsive to my r/sr requests.

Hmm. I think this is a growing problem since the Mozilla Foundation started. It looks like there are two little people doing the reviews, or the people doing the reviews are taking on too much. I’d love to see some bugzilla stats on the average review times from now, and a year ago. I’d guess it’s taking a bit longer now. I’m not sure exactly how to remedy this. But I do think it’s an issue. Even with more people coding and contributing. And thanks to Firefox’s success in it’s recent 0.8 release, all the bugzilla bugs coming in… this may be a huge bottleneck.

Code getting in early, means more time in alpha, beta before release. That means more time for testing.

* did not even announce Nvu’s 1st release on its web site πŸ™ Even with a short news on the side column… Right, it’s not a product, for the moment. So what? Does it help the spread of Mozilla or not?

I think it would be neat if had a box on the page showing the current version of some Mozilla powered products it doesn’t do itself. Underneath put a link for embedding info.

Just my $0.02.


To much recursion

After dealing with a teacher who has a sickening love for recursive:

Recursion Error



Programming Butt Kicking

Sunday and Monday were great programming days. Got tons of bugs fixed on the CMS. Started Indexing, that’s now done (partly). Also got some limited search functionality. And tons and tons of stupid bugs, and odd functionality fixed. More than I noted in my change log. A lot more. It was good time. Some code cleanup, removed some bogus code, and consolidated a few things…. all was good in happy town.

Then this Computer Science & Programming Lab came around. And I feel like I took a shower in a Turkish prison, and dropped the SOAP.

It hurts. I’m tired, and I want sleep. And I want a decent grade. And this internal conflict might be the war to end all wars.

Spam Filtering is starting now on my server, so my email should be cleaning on my server, rather than client side, meaning my CPU should be free a bit more. A great thing.


Hit that magical point

When programming, you go for a while coding… and see little to no end results. It sucks, hurts, and makes you feel ike it will never end.

Then you get to that point where you see something. A glimmer of hope.

Then you get to the point, where every line you type, well almost every line… makes a giant difference. Big changes take less time. It all starts falling together.

Boy is that a cool feeling πŸ™‚