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There’s video of an Air France A340 (guessing it’s an A340) performing a go-around at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), St. Maarten. I suspect it’s wasn’t really the result of Hurricane Isaac, despite occurring when the storm was in the area and the video title suggesting. There’s nothing in the video to suggest wind was […]

World War II Fighter Helmet Cam

Some awesome video shot via Helmet Camera. P-40K, the FG-1D and the P-51D. I’d recommend watching full screen and 720p. [Via: Gizmodo]

St. Maarten Airport Fun

A week ago I came back from St. Maarten, an island known for it’s weather and beaches. There are a few ways to tell a good beach from a great one: Clean beaches. Evidence that topless tanning is allowed. Signs like the one to the left warning you of death by heavy metal. A beach […]

St. Maartin

Took some photos and video of my trip to Saint Martin. The videos in particular aren’t the best quality, but quite fun to watch. Photos Also managed to shoot some video with my cell phone First Landing Corsairfly – Boeing 747 Takeoff DHL Cessna 208 Caravan Insel Air – MD83 Takeoff American Airlines – Boeing […]

Monkey’s On A Plane

Oh boy would “Monkey’s On A Plane” be a blockbuster. Just a blank tape with that title would make millions. Film a real movie, and it’s [pinky in mouth] billions. Well, apparently enough monkeys travel on commercial airlines every year to warrant their own section in on the TSA website. I’d love to have a […]