Robert’s Book Club: PHP Books

Well what PHP books do you recommend for someone who wants to enhance already pretty solid understanding of the language? I’ve got a rather good level of experience, but want some reference, and good tips on getting better (there’s always room to improve).

MySQL, Second Edition

Programming PHP

PHP Cookbook

Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

Advanced PHP Programming

I can’t decide, they all look pretty interesting. Anyone read any of these? Good? Bad? Recommend another?

This ain’t no Opera’s Book Club. 😉


vLIB rules

If your a PHP developer, and you don’t know about it yet, check out vLIB. I’ve worked quite a bit with templating for a few years now. I think this is the best library for implementing templates in a PHP application I’ve seen. It’s got a good amount of flexibility, and it’s easy to implement. Not to mention is’s nice and fast.

I’ve written several very crummy templating systems for my own stuff over the years. And they stink compared to this. Honestly. I’ve decided to throw them out and port over to vLIB.

I hate PHP Apps with HTML all over. Eventually they are doomed to become impossible to maintain. At least with templating, it’s easy.


PHP Class to prevent automated signups

If anyone knows of a good PHP class (must be open source license) that will display one of those CAPTCHA images with text that must be entred to deter bots (like what Network Solutions does for whois), I’d greatly appreciate it.


Updates: Zend Optimizer, Flight 93

Was able to install Zend Optimizer. Updated PHP, and used another install script. Went perfectly.

Flight 93, as predicted was in the news again

Tech (General)

Zend Optimizer

Trying to get Zend Optimizer running successfully. So far no success. Will try again tomorrow with a clean installation of PHP. Perhaps that was the problem.

Can’t find reports of it working, or not working, so I will assume the best.


MailHID Almost Ready

Well, for weeks (read: months) I have been working in my spare time on MailHID, a PHP class for obscuring email addresses. Despite a few lingering bugs, mostly with CC, BCC support, auto-learn, and Spam Bot Checking, I am just about ready to go with it. I had a test implementation on this site before I started the blog.

I think by next week (or the week after), I should be at the point where I can start implementing it on, Accettura Media, and this blog. Will be nice to keep spammers at bay, and still have my email address posted. Reminds me of the mid 90’s.