About Time

About time. The fact a bill filled with so much “common sense” even needs to be proposed just shows how many morons exist in this country. You’d think someone who feels their religion prohibits them from performing their duties would choose another career. You don’t see Hindu’s refusing to serve Big Mac’s™ because they feel the cow is sacred. They just realized being a burger flipper conflicts with their faith. Are they smarter? Well yea.

Prescription Drug Plan

Drug PlanThere has been a ton of talk lately about prescription drug plans, and what can be done to make drugs more affordable. Drugs manufactured in the United States can be found cheaper in Canada, and other countries. I thought about this for a little while this evening, and came up with a solution.

The image to the left depicts my plan. For several million dollars we would build a 4 lane overpass with the Canadian government. Trucks shipping drugs would drive into Canada and go onto the “Drug Highway”. This highway would do a 180 degree turn, and take them back towards America. Now that the drugs have been in Canada, the cost is much less than if they were shipped directly to pharmacy’s in the United States. The new overpass in Canada will ensure it doesn’t interfere with traffic, or cause any burden on Canadians or Americans crossing the border.

Once back in America, the now re-imported drugs can be distributed to pharmacy’s at a much lower cost. And no negative effect on the trade deficit!

I’m pretty certain my solution would prove to be the best solution to the Prescription Drug dilemma in the United States. Contact your representative, and tell them that they should use my proposal. I have a cost effective way to make drugs more affordable. See if they have a better idea. Come on. Let them know.