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10,000 Volts For Science

Matt Inman aka “The Oatmeal” zaps Matt Harding aka “Where the Hell is Matt” with 10,000 volt Tesla cannon. And yes, he’s doing the “Where the Hell is Matt Dance”. This is what the internet is about.

Operation: Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal started a campaign to raise money to purchase Wardenclyffe, perhaps the most iconic thing Nicola Tesla worked on aside from the Tesla coil itself. The building, built by no other than Stanford White, of Washington Square Arch fame. Like Inman, I’d argue Nicola Tesla is one of the greatest geniuses […]

Tesla’s Lab For Sale

There’s little doubt that Nikola Tesla was a genius. Among other things it was his AC that beat Thomas Edison’s DC. His Shoreham, Long Island Lab infamous for the Wardenclyffe Tower (aka Tesla Tower) is up for sale by it’s current owner Agfa. The actual tower is long gone, but building designed by the famed […]