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Well there’s a new article out in The New Zealand Herald about MoFo’s very own Ben Goodger.

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Batman’s a Terrorist now

Wow. Now George Clooney must be thrilled that there’s someone else who looks more pathetic than him in the uniform.

How pathetic…. yet hysterical.


Octopus Sex Stories

Oh boy. Leave it to the Associated Press to write an article so great. Reads like a porno for the blind.

Some steamy excerpts:

Aquarists at the Alaska SeaLife Center introduced the 5-year-old J-1 to Aurora on Tuesday morning. The two really hit it off. Spermatophores were seen hanging from J-1’s siphon….

Now doesn’t that bring a great image to mind?

With so little time left, J-1 wasn’t going to let the sweet Aurora slip through his eight octopus arms. While she had to make the first move, he caught on quickly…

Mmm, that’s great stuff.

She reached out an arm and touched him. Only then did he wake up to the fact he had company….

Can you hear the music in the background?

The two remained intertwined for about eight hours. It’s possible that during that time when J-1 was exploring Aurora’s mantle with his many suckered arms that he passed his sperm packet to her, Hocking said….

8hrs! Way to go J-1. And who said you old guys needed viagra?

Yea, that’s quite erotic.

Yes, I did enjoy it. I got a great laugh, and did learn a think or two about octopus. So the author did do a great job. But I couldn’t help but get a good chuckle. 😀

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Tis very sad

Teen in Suicide Leap at Time Sq. Hotel, (Other linkage: NY Times, Newsday, NY Daily News) not exactly a pleasant headline to read. Worse, when you hear it’s someone you knew back in the day from school(s), and read their name in print.

I remember reading a while back when someone else did the same thing. That hotel is amazing on the inside. Very unique. Never considered that someone would view the architecture as a method to end their lives, but apparently, this isn’t the first time.

Very sad, and right before the holidays. Nobody should end up like Vincent DePeralta.

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First Chewable Oral Contraceptive

All I can say is yikes. Checkout what the FDA Approved.

I’m not sure what market they are targeting here? In any case, it’s a bit humorous, yet creepy. Is teen (and possibly earlier) sex really that out of hand creating a market for this?

I’m really quite curious as to the actual market this product has been designed for? Is it for juveniles as it implies? Or is there another group? Will this promote unprotected teen sex? Could this be a good thing (less teens with kids), or a bad thing (AIDS, et. al.). I’m not so thrilled about what this may encourage, among a potentially very young age group.

I could think of several jokes about being unable to swallow, sex, and the need for the Pill (or lack of). But I won’t go there, for the sake of keeping this blog PG 😆

Just wait until fast food chains start giving sex toys in the children’s meals. 😉

I’m curious about what others think… BUT watch those comments (should you choose to comment). I hate moderating, but will if necessary. Keep it clean and friendly.

In The News Rants

Are you stupid? I ask the television.

If your not in the mood for a rant on society… Skip this post.

This wasn’t the article I was looking for (looking for one I saw on TV the other day), but it will suffice for this rant. Why are people so stupid? I don’t know who is dumber. This article is about several groups of stupid people butting heads. All very thick skulls. It’s like throwing two rocks in the air, and having them impact in midair. It’s a waste of time that accomplishes nothing. Of course that’s exactly what this post will do. But it gets some frustration off my chest.

  1. Why must people drink in giant parties? If your going to do something stupid.. At least keep it small scale. You just have to wonder how bright someone is when they get caught. It takes a real lack of intelligence to get caught. Homes aren’t monitored. If they create enough of a disturbance to summon police… You must have done something really dumb. If your still there when the cops get there, not intelligent enough to leave. You deserve it. If you caused it, you deserved it.
  2. Why care so much? It’s going to happen anyway.
  3. Are parents retarded? Seriously. Are they? Read the article. The math formula reads something like:
    $parent = $stupid +1;

Just can’t help but question everyone. I can’t tell who is stupider.

That brings me back to the ultimate question: Why put tags on blow dryers that say to keep it away from water? The people who have been saved by these tags go on to be the people I discuss up above.

If your going to drink. Do it responsibly. Or just don’t do it. It’s pretty freaking dumb if the police are aware of something going on. Nobody goes around sniffing drinks in private homes.


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Tornado struck not far from my home today. Took off part of Walmart’s roof. Messed up a few things.

Think the Chinese place is ok. At least I hope it is. Lookin’ forward to some Mongolian Grilled food soon.

That’s why when there is a Tornado Advisory… you listen. Or your Walmart could lose it’s roof.

In The News Politics

He’s not even dead yet

He’s not even dead yet, and were going through his mail.

Kind of sad how people take advantage. The man’s still living (though not in a great state of mind sadly), and we are discussing his paper trail and intimate letters.

Some people push it to far.

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Segway Climbs Mt.Washington

This article makes me wonder if people have to much time and money.

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Cars and Trucks outnumber drivers

Now if this isn’t sick. I don’t know what is.

Despite this…

The survey also found 8 percent of U.S. households don’t have cars.