MSNBC Problems?

One of the biggest complaints by Firefox 1.5 users is that MSNBC has some issues. From what I’ve seen, it’s improved over the years, but there are still some strange things going on. I just found the following after hopping through a few pages (some box went over the news text).

MSNBC Misrendering

Some may remember in the past Microsoft accidentally had a bug and someone over there was able to fix it in about 2 days! Perhaps history can repeat itself. A few things requests here:

  1. Obviously, if you’re from Microsoft, and can pass along a note to the MSNBC webmasters, it would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me.
  2. That’s a pretty big list of issues. If anyone can consolidate into specific details the problems with MSNBC on Firefox, that would be awesome. Bonus points if you can even point to bad code.

At some point in the future, I hope to set things up so webmasters can easily monitor reports on their site (perhaps even email), and allow them to give us a contact, so we can let them know about issues even faster.

I have this feeling it’s somehow related to how/where ads are displayed on the page.

As always, help is appreciated.