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iPod Sync Teaser

Coming Soon Yummy. Properly detecting iPod, syncing address book, and everything. Very cool. First release will likely be Windows only, but Mac support is easy once I get things stable. I just don’t feel like debugging on two platforms at once (reformat iPod each time). Update [12-26-2005]: It’s out, and available here.

New Laptop

I’ve now had about about 48hrs with the new laptop. Just a few thoughts (in no paticular order): On the plus side Well built as typical of IBM. Nothing if squeaky, flimsy. It feels very solid, despite being so thin. The 9 Cell battery sticks out the back a little (about an inch). And provides […]

It’s alive

The laptop story is finally over. Yesterday, a shiny new Thinkpad T43 arrived. I gave it a few hours yesterday and it performed well, no signs of any problems. I’ve got some extra RAM on order to help things out even further. Executive Relations did come through, despite some supply issues limiting their abilities. They […]

mozPod Status Update (0.1)

I’ve gotten several emails about this now, so it’s time for an update. I’ve been busy with many other projects, and have been slow on this for a little while. It’s almost at 0.1 (our first release). Asa’s working on some icon love, and I’ve been testing a few things. I’m hoping to have a […]

It’s all Coming Soon

I’ve got a bunch of things in the works: mozPod (iPod sync for Thunderbird), version 0.1 reporter tool (extension and webtool) new blog design, and new toys! a secret something? (more a long term thing) So things may be a little quiet as I wrap some stuff up, and keep up with school work. All […]

mozPod Status Update

I’ve promised mozPod for some time, well it’s getting close to a 0.1 release, just a few more things I want to do. Some cool things in the past few days: Supports most fields, so you’ll get lots of info on your iPod. iPod doesn’t support everything Mozilla does, so we can’t get it all, […]

mozPod Status Update

I mentioned a little while ago that I was working on mozPod, to bring iPod sync to Mozilla products. I stopped for a while because I don’t have USB 2 on my laptop, and that makes hooking an iPod up really really bad. In fact, it’s pretty much been sitting in a box since November […]

Thunderbird will soon sync with iPods

Coming Soon Ability to sync your Thunderbird Address Book to your iPod. Q. Why not yet A. Still working on it Q. Mac Only? A. Mac/PC initially. I’ll explore Linux after. Q. All iPods? A. iPod with version 1.2+ of the iPod Software, or iPod Photo 1.0+ (Free Updates from Apple) Q. Why is this […]