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Using HIV To Kill Cancer

From NY Times: To perform the treatment, doctors remove millions of the patient’s T-cells — a type of white blood cell — and insert new genes that enable the T-cells to kill cancer cells. The technique employs a disabled form of H.I.V. because it is very good at carrying genetic material into T-cells. The new […]

Alzheimer’s A Metabolic Disease

Alzheimer’s a metabolic disease? From The Guardian: A large body of evidence now suggests that Alzheimer’s is primarily a metabolic disease. Some scientists have gone so far as to rename it: they call it type 3 diabetes. It will be interesting to see how this evolves. This could be a revolutionary finding.

Caffeine Algebra

This is a very interesting tidbit from LifeHacker about caffeine: The effectiveness of caffeine varies significantly from person to person, due to genetics and other factors in play. The average half-life of caffeine—that is, how long it takes for half of an ingested dose to wear off—is about five to six hours in a human […]