Remote Controlled Door Lock

Lock maker Schlage announced it’s new LiNK lock. Essentially you can control your lock via a website which communicates with your locks via wireless connection to a base station you keep in your home (included in the kit).

One could say this is an extension of a garage door opener, but in many aspects it’s not. First a garage door opener is generally not accessible via the internet (likely the easiest point of entry). There is also a secondary door between the garage and the home, which can be locked, and possibly a home alarm which needs to be dealt with. As for the car itself, it also needs to be started. It’s a multi-step process to do anything real.

I’d be curious to know if it uses 802.11a/b/g/n or some proprietary protocol over 2.4GHz spectrum (most likely). I doubt it’s using Bluetooth due to problems with distance.

I suspect these locks will be hacked by the next DEFCON. Between the website, the base station, the wireless signal, and the lock itself. There’s plenty of surface area for vulnerabilities. This is just too tempting.