Apple is to damn sexy

Yes, I know, I’m a Mac nut. My favorite OS is Mac OS X, I dream of the G5 at night. The dual processor G5 is hot (in more ways than one)…

But Apple just made my day. The AirPort Express is just what I’ve been wanting.

I could see a few uses for me:

  1. Hook laptop to stereo
  2. Wireless access in the dorm
  3. Extend wireless network when @ home where it gets weak

The question is if I’ll upgrade my laptop to 802.11g (only if I can do it integrated via an IBM upgrade of the mini-pci card). That would make it super sexy. Perhaps that will be part II, since I’m not filthy rich.

And if I should get cables. Apple has that $39 kit which sounds pretty handy, though I might be able to do better.

Way to cool. Just way to cool. I’m thinking it fits me wants and needs perfectly.

Anyone know if there will be a way to pipe all audio (not just iTunes) over the Airport Express? Would be nice to do more than just music (games for example).

Now I guess it’s pretty much written in stone that a iWiFi enabled Pod is coming soon. I can’t see Apple missing out on that.


Some people are more intelligent after life

And here’s a great example of that theory. Yea right. Voluntary Collective Licensing VCL is about as legitimate as the “Universal language” many Linguist experts have been working towards for generations. It’s a system that will never work because it’s fundamentally flawed. What makes it so moronic is that people know it’s flawed, and they market it as perfect. So they blame Apple, a who recently entered this disaster as a failure. Yet having that much penetration in such a large market, and against all odds is rather substantial. Especially considering iTunes was Mac only for quite some time. And it’s competing against something that has no charge.

This is hysterical:

The vast majority of file sharers are willing to pay a reasonable fee for the freedom to download whatever they like, using whatever software suits them. In addition to those who would opt to take a license if given the opportunity, many more will likely have their license fees paid by intermediaries, like ISPs, universities, and software vendors.

Yea, come on guys. I’m positive even the author doesn’t believe that one.

A much better idea would be to create one open sourced DRM based network that is legalized.


Apple should cobrand iTunes

Lets look at iTunes, and what it offers right now:

  • MP3/ACC Player
  • Media Organizer
  • Media Player (it comes with QuickTime)
  • Music Store
  • It also comes in at aprox. 19MB’s, free from Apple’s iTunes website.

I’ll call it “a rather robust application”. Sounds fair?

Now here’s my theory:
People like Music. People like simplicity. People like easy to use programs. iTunes is all of these. The one thing that’s a drag is that dreaded curse word amongst average computer users “Installing”. That means downloading, over a slow 56k modem, and putting unkempt software on your computer, especially after all the geeks talk about “Spyware“, and “Viruses“. Some are just to afraid to install.

Cobrand iTunes. Allow OEM’s such as IBM, Compaq/HP, Gateway, and even Dell, to include iTunes for low/no cost to them on their computers, Branded/themed with “Powered by Apple iTunes“.

This ensures, everyone who buys a computer, gets a chance to try iTunes. Perhaps even allow the OEM’s a method to throw in a few free downloads. To let the user try, at no obligation, iTunes. Cheap, legal music, without downloading/installing.

What does Apple get?
Giant Audience, free advertising from the OEM’s, getting QuickTime on systems from the factory.

What do OEM’s Get?
All OEM’s today market computers towards home users, in particular as “media” systems. “Play CD’s, DVD’s”, “Games”, “Graphics”, “Music”. All keywords used to sell computers. What would make sense than to contain a built in method to purchase music? Play it with your brand new upgraded speakers on your fancy Computer Make/Model Here

What Users Get?
Chance to try iTunes without wasting time/effort downloading, a few free songs perhaps, and a good media player pre-installed.

Hear me out Apple, I had a point before (look at date on article).


Apple launches iPod site

It’s been noted that Apple launched an iPod site, around the web.

Yes, it is an Apple Website:

Uses Apple DNS
Resolves to Apple IP Address (Powered by OS X)
Apple tagline on bottom

What more proof is needed?

I’m going to venture a guess, and say it’s going to be part of a marketing push for the Christmas season. Here’s my basis:

Created right in time for the holidays.

Record last updated on:..2003-10-02 13:21:19.783
Record expires on:…….2004-10-02 00:00:00.0
Record created on:…….2003-10-02 13:21:19.163

Apple is planning a big marketing surge on iTunes in January, with promo’s left and right this means, get iPods in peoples hands NOW, and push content on them in a month or two.

I’m going to guess that we will start seeing new iPod commercials, that mention the website in a week or two.


iTunes for Windows

Among other announcements, Apple released iTunes for Windows.

I’ve given it a bit of a test drive too see how it is. Despite Steve Jobs claim that it’s the “whole thing”, IMHO it’s not as good as the Mac version:

  1. Visualizer is lame compared to the diversity in the Mac version.
  2. iPodService.exe service hanging around sucking up memory, and occasionally attacking my CPU.
  3. Awkward feel. Works perfect in Aqua, but something isn’t right on Windows.
  4. Didn’t find drivers “for importing and burning CDs and DVDs”.
  5. I would think a P4M 1.8GHz would convert a file to an MP3 much faster than a 450MHz G4. But it doesn’t feel that much faster since the last time I did it on a G4. Not scientific. But by feel, it’s slower.

On the plus side, best equalizer (usability + configurability) in a free player for windows. And overall Apple goodness.

Good first shot. But give up the Aqua look. It just feels funny. Apple’s about usability. Make it feel better.

I still prefer the Mac version, though I must admit, I still prefer my Mac.


Apple Lawsuit

Looks like Apple and the Beatles are at it again.

/. Has the story as usual.

Sidenote: What would I do without /.?


iTunes for Windows

Looks like Apple still plans to release iTunes for Windows by the end of the year.

Not bad. I would have thought it slipped to early next year. I’m still wondering what the UI will be like. A smoother OS X like port… or a Windows implementation of the Apple Service?