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Remote Programming

From the BBC: Wanted: 12 programmers to live on a remote tropical island for two months to do nothing but write code. Applicants are being sought for the coding jamboree that will take place on an as yet un-named island. Those applying will have to submit a proposal explaining what they will work on during […]

Paris Hilton’s Birthday

According to the NY Post the following describes Paris Hilton’s 26th Birthday Party, though a little media bias led them to say it was a “little odd”: …guests reported seeing Hilton play with a monkey while a band of midgets led a pack of goats around the room. Where the heck was my invitation? All […]

The Art of Souvenirs

This photoset titled souvenirs has been circulating around the web for a few weeks now. It’s amazing. Pretty much how it works is the author took pictures of famous places, with a souvenir perfectly framed in the picture to overlay the situation. Just like the stereotypical picture of the Leaning Tower Of Piza, and the […]

Steve Jobs Presents the Macintosh, and Life

Today’s video clip is Steve Jobs presenting the Macintosh in 1984. The video early on is slightly dark, but bare with it, the important parts to see are fine. Remember while watching that this was 1984 back when monochrome and DOS were king. The Mac was reading text back and using a GUI. Another video […]

Da Google Code

Ok, title to this post is lame, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Google’s Da Vinci Code Quest is now online. It’s supposed to have a new puzzle every day until release. So far I got the first puzzle, so perhaps I’ll make a goal of trying to do them all. Wasn’t to hard. […]

New Years 360

Some awesome QuickTime VR Panorama’s are available on this website. Very impressive stuff. Worth checking out.

Baby Names

Some of the names on this list remind me of the “sissy names” George Carlin made fun of back when he taped Complaints and Grievances for HBO (great show, I was there). Guys named Todd. According to, the top 20 baby names: Top 20 boys names: Aidan/Aiden/Aden Jaden/Jayden Caden/Kaden Ethan Caleb Dylan Jacob Jordan […]