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Godspeed Hubble

This video is the actual release of Hubble as well as the shuttle backing away from the Hubble telescope. It is best watched in HQ and Full Screen. It’s slightly shaky at times and a little long, but it’s got some great shots of Hubble up close. The Big Picture Blog also has a great […]

STS-125 Preparations

The Big Picture Blog has a great series of photos for STS-125, the Space Shuttle Atlantis mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s just a collection of NASA pictures, but the ones selected are really great.

This is why we need Hubble

Take a look at this beautiful picture of a Supernova as taken by the Hubble Telescope. Just amazing. Stuff like this makes me realize how I need to take my old telescope out of the basement on a clear night. Just so much effort to take out… but lots of fun.