Freeipods Pt 8: Followup article

In continuing with yesterday: Wired News has an additional story. Interestingly:

“We are suspending all marketing via email to our customers, and wanted to make sure you knew this was an important and sensitive issue for us,” Martin wrote in an e-mail. “Sending promotions to users is a fairly standard practice for many industries, as an additional source of revenue, but we definitely want to continue to spread a positive and trustworthy image of our company down the road.”


I got 2 more today since I posted last night from this source. Lets see what happens? Will more spammers gain access to the address? Will it go away? Or just maintain it’s current flow rate?

I can also confirm the following:

Earlier this month, Jim Youll, a 39-year-old CTO from Cambridge, Massachusetts, signed up with a virgin e-mail address and within hours started receiving spam.

“This is not an encouraging trend,” he said, “and these are not targeted ads. They are garden-variety junk spams.”


I’ve had the same experience as I mentioned yesterday. It’s random spam.

I’ve got to admit, investigative journalism is addictive πŸ˜€ .

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Freeipods Pt 7: The wait continues

Found this article today about A few things to note:

“The wait is 100 percent due to Apple’s manufacturing,” said Gratis co-founder Peter Martin. “Apple is on back order. The delay is three weeks plus. They sit in the queue and when it gets to the vendor, it goes out the door.”

[Source: The Mac Observer]

Well, I’ve been going since 9/15 as “sent to vendor”. So lets see how long it takes. So far it’s been a week.

…As a result, Gratis is fast becoming the complaint of choice. Wired News reported complaints against Gratis are piling up at the Washington, DC branch of the Better Business Bureau

[Source: The Mac Observer | Link added by me]
I checked out what the BBB says about them so far, and it says:

BBB Customer Experience Record
The company has resolved any customer complaints presented to it by the Bureau. The company responded to complaints with an explanation of its advertising and reference to its terms of service, conditions affecting fulfillment of orders and rewards, and other information available on its web site.

[Source: BBB Washington DC]

Well, I emailed Gratis the other day via their support option on the freeipods site, and here’s what I found out:

When asked if the iPods really are on months backorder, as rumored around the net, I was told:

Yes, the mini’s are backordered (not necessarily for months). The HP’s are shipping out the fastest.

[Source: correspondence with Gratis Internet]
When I asked specifically about the 20 GB Apple iPod, I was told:

The HP’s are not on backorder. The apple’s are in high demand. I can not give you an estimate arrival time for them. Sorry

[Source: correspondence with Gratis Internet]

Which is interesting because while some people report receiving hp iPods (hPods) rather quick, others still are waiting for them. A popular place for people venting has been forum.

Another interesting note is that their supplier is eCost, which has been rather consistent, besides a small period the other day, with keeping the Apple iPod in stock. It appears the same as the hp iPod.

Moving on…

Customers have also reported an increased amount of Spam e-mail since giving their e-mail address to Gratis Internet. Mr. Martin and his partner Rob Jewell denied giving customer e-mail information to third-party companies, but admitted customers do receive a small number of messages from select parties.

[Source: The Mac Observer]

I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one: I’ve had 11 spams from them from 9/20 – today. I know they are from freeipods origin, since it’s an email alias I created on my mail system for the purpose. At least 3 were sent via a DNSBL (DNS blacklisted) mail server: a known source of spam. Most of a suspicious nature (start regrowing hair, “make today payday”, “become 25,000 richer”). Though they are right. It’s a ‘small number’. Most originate from the same sender. And it did say in the Terms Of Service they could do so. So they didn’t deceive.

So now the question is when will Gratis start shipping. Will they select a new vendor? CDW? Apple Store?

Any event, we will see.

As always, I will keep everyone posted with progress as I check this out. As you can see, I’m very willing to give all the info I can. I’ll be posting more information as soon as it becomes available. Keep an eye out.

Oh yea, if you want to try for a freeFLATSCREEN, I’m looking into that as well.

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Freeipods Pt 6: Sent to vendor

Another Step:

Sent to Vendor, Waiting On Product

Now time will tell…

This has been another report from the news network you trust: Me.

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Freeipods Pt 5: processing

Status Update


Exerpt 2 (detail):

So that’s where we are. More updates as they come on the news network you [really, somewhat] trust.

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Freeipods Pt 4: And the website now says I’m “approved”

And the website now reads:

Your Status:  Congratulations!  We have approved your account and referrals.  You may now order your totally FREE iPod

24hrs after the last referral was complete.

More updates as the take place, on the news network you prefer: Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage.

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Freeipods Pt 3: Referrals Complete

Congratulations! You have currently completed all requirements to get your totally FREE iPod. We now need to confirm your account and referral offer completions. Please check back after 7 business days to see your status.

Source: 9/13/2004]

So they claim. Now we shall see what happens. 29 people signed up, 5 people completed an offer. Hence I completed my requirements.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates as they happen.

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Google Mozilla

Gmail invites

I’ve got Gmail invites still. Priority goes to Mozilla community members. If I’ve seen your name around, you’ve got a higher chance. So post a comment here with your name and email address (no anti-spam garbage, or I’m skipping it, the blog will do some minor obscuring).

Even higher priority goes for those who join through my referal link, and complete an offer. πŸ˜‰ Still trying to find out if it’s the real deal. Try AOL for 30 days (hey, they did give Mozilla Foundation $2 million). There several other easy little offers. Then cancel during the free trial to avoid having to pay for the service if you don’t like it. Use the same address to signup, so I know who you are.

So if you don’t have a Gmail address yet, this is an easy way to get it. Priority offer is as follows:

  • signups who complete an offer (use an ‘instant offer’ for even quicker gratification).
  • Mozilla community members.

Do both and increase your chances.

If I get more invites, I’ll just attack this list for a little bit, before making a new post with a new contest for gmail invites.

So go ahead and get busy.


Freeipods Pt 2: My Offer Completed

Well, I completed my offer, and according to, I’m just 5 friends away from having an iPod. So if you want a free iPod (and help me get one). I think you should read the next line:

So who wants to take a stab and help their buddy Rob out?

I first mentioned this last week.

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Freeipods Pt 1: Free iPod

It’s apparently legitimate according to

So want a free iPod (and use me as a referrer helping your humble reporter get one of his own?

Click Here

Then just signup. There are several offers that look easy to complete, such as signing up for a credit card, or trying AOL. Just signup and cancel in a few days. No bills, no mess, no fuss. If you like the product/service. Perhaps keep it. Signing up for AOL takes a few minutes and doesn’t even require a credit card. Signing up for a credit card is something people do daily for a free t-shirt, so nothing new there.

Then get 5 of your friends to signup for you…. and you’ve apparently earned a free iPod according to

Interesting eh?

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