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Google Browser Is Now Google Chrome

I’ve mentioned the long fabled Google browser for ages now “googlefox” as it began. Some more interesting news came today regarding “Google Chrome“. Some of the features touted by the comic include: faster – mentioned throughout via new js virtual machine (might be SquirrelFish) that’s potentially embeddable into other applications and using WebKit. Also multi-threaded. […]

Googlefox Redux

Yes, it’s another Google/Firefox blog post. This time in response to a CNet blog post regarding Google’s relationship with Mozilla. It makes a few interesting points, but quite a bit of it is silly or outdated. It was edited at some point late this morning or early afternoon from it’s original form (as it mentions). […]

Googlefox Revisited

It looks like Googlefox is back in the news. Last time turned out to be nothing more than indigestion.

Google Outage

Seems is down. Who turned off the lights? I wonder what happened? Did Googlefox cause a power surge? Update #1 [7:13 PM EST]: It’s DNS related as this still works. Update #2 [7:15 PM EST]: Seems to be coming back now. Update #3 [7:39 PM EST]: Engadget suggests a DNS Hack, perhaps poisoning, but […]

Don’t make browsers, make extensions

There’s been a ton of speculation regarding “gbrowser”, google’s alleged browser, Netscape’s Firefox based browser, now even thoughts Yahoo might be interested. Though I wonder if that really is beneficial to anyone involved? I’m going to make the bold statement that custom browsers are bad, making extensions are good. There are several reasons why custom […]

Ben+Darin = Googlefox?

Yesterday we had Ben, today we have Darin. In other news, Google bought the state of California, and renamed it to

Ben + Google = Googlefox?

If there is anyone left who didn’t hear, Ben left the Mozilla Foundation for Google. Details on Ben’s Blog. Well, he said the 10th, so several days ago. Oh, and he’s still working on Firefox. And still will be working out of the foundation a bit. Oh, and Googlefox? I know everyone’s been speculating about […]

Googlefox Uncovered

Well, now we get the info we need on the elusive “Googlefox”. The second area of Mozilla intends to explore with new versions of Firefox is integration with desktop search. Companies like Google, Vivisimo and Copernic make search applications that comb through all the information on a personal computer. The way it is now, a […]

Googlefox Pt 2

I mentioned it the other day. Bug 226572 is now under lock and key. Oh what could it be? Could it be Google’s dropping the blue ‘e’? Could it be Google’s helping to dump IE to the bottom of the deep blue sea? Could it be Google to the rescue? Could it be Google? God […]


Could it be?