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Google Reader’s Inverted Unread Checkbox

I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to invert Google Reader’s “read” checkbox, but it’s confusing, and in my opinion an unnecessary UI change. Way to obscure. Before it “checked” meant it was read, unchecked was unread. Now it’s just the opposite. It could have went either way, but the quiet […]

RSS Feed Count

I decided to count how many RSS feeds I subscribe to. Scoble better watch out. To be fair, I monitor a fair number just to see that they update, or to search. I don’t actually “read” them, or even look at them regularly. Others I quickly skim. Then the last group I actually look at […]

Google Reader Update

I don’t see any reference on their blog, but it looks like the Google Reader team did an update to allow more than “100+” to appear. In my opinion this was the worst UI mistake in the product. This little change means quite a bit. Other than that, I can’t see any other changes. Polish […]

Google Interstitial RSS Page

Dear Google, Every time I want to add a feed to Google Reader using Firefox, I am sent to a page that prompts me to decide if I want to use my Google Homepage or Google Reader. I have over 200 feeds in my reader, and hence have been asked over 200 times about this […]

Google Reader Generator

I mentioned last night that I switched to Google Reader. What I didn’t mention is that I have a nice way of monitoring what new items are in there for me to read. I wrote a quick Microsummary to keep an eye on it for me. I really wish Google would have implemented this already, […]

Google Reader Updated

I’ve been using RSS Readers for a while, but not consistently because I’m extremely picky. I insist on the following: Be able to show multiple feeds merged together as 1 category. Do the above, fast. Handle RSS 2.0 and Atom without bugging out over all the tiny mistakes or discrepancies some generators can have Either […]