Google Software Spam

Google Earth Spam

And the spamming of Google Earth begins. I guess it was only a matter of time.


Tracking Santa

Using Google Earth you can now track santa. You’ll need to open this kml file in Google Earth and it will start tracking Santa.

You can press F11 to put it in Full Screen mode (and again to get out of full screen) to turn your computer into a Santa tracker.

Geeks should note it’s a very interesting use of Google Earth’s refreshInterval tag. By essentially wrapping the data the “tracking” is done.

Funny Politics Security Software

Google Earth A Threat

If some of this silliness keeps going on, were going to end up having airplanes without windows, because it could threaten security if you look outside.

Perhaps it’s time for some countries to consider building roofs over classified equipment, or perhaps putting a tarp over it. What ever happened to underground bunkers and camouflage?