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5 Years Already?

Has it been 5 years already? The landscape has certainly changed since 2004. I think it’s finally accepted that something can fight back against Microsoft. Size doesn’t guarantee market share on the Internet. In the pre-www world you had to convince a few managers to buy your product and you can be installed on 10k […]

Thunderbird 1.0

1.0 is out. Get downloading, it royally kicks butt. Congrats to Scott MacGregor and David Bienvenu on a job well done.

Firefox 1.0 Bittorrent

Just FYI Bit Torrent May help ease the burden on those crying servers. For once hurting a server is a good thing 😀

Firefox 1.0

Estimated 4 hrs until the net changes forever

Firefox 1.0… literally right around the corner. And you thought I would miss it? I think not. I’m going to get some sleep while some stay up and have fun. Here’s to a good night, an awesome day, and an awesome new age of web browsing. I’ll be in and out most of tomorrow, but […]