5 Years Already?

Has it been 5 years already? The landscape has certainly changed since 2004.

I think it’s finally accepted that something can fight back against Microsoft. Size doesn’t guarantee market share on the Internet. In the pre-www world you had to convince a few managers to buy your product and you can be installed on 10k systems. Home users typically used what they knew from work. In 2009 even offices are becoming more accustomed to letting employees use what they feel works best (though not all there yet, easier system re-imaging is helping here). Home users put whatever they want on their computer. The focus is clearly shifting more and more towards the user and making their experience better.

Where will things be in another 5 years?

Estimated 4 hrs until the net changes forever

Firefox 1.0… literally right around the corner.

And you thought I would miss it? I think not. I’m going to get some sleep while some stay up and have fun. Here’s to a good night, an awesome day, and an awesome new age of web browsing.

I’ll be in and out most of tomorrow, but I’ll try to keep in touch on #firefox, #spreadfirefox, #mozillazine, and #developers as usual.

Lets rock the web!