Undocumented iPhone 2.2 Change

Apple never documents all changes to the iPhone firmware. Many bug fixes/polish never get a mention in the release notes. Unlike some more transparent software products, the iPhone firmware is a big secret. The notable exception is Safari, or at least WebKit. MacRumors has traditionally done a good job of documenting the undocumented and has a forum thread for 2.2. Here’s one I just noticed:

When updating an app via AppStore in 2.1 it would create a new icon in the last panel, download, then replace the old version. In 2.2 it now finds the correct app and overwrites it. As minor as this is, it’s a nice level of UI polish. Yet completely undocumented (publicly) by Apple.

I wish Apple would make detailed change logs available for everything they release. Separate from the traditional release notes. This would be a big help for anyone technical.


What’s wrong with Mozilla

Daniel Glazman published is FOSDEM slides. A few things I wanted to touch upon real quick:

  • new toolkit’s documentation is lighter than light. Sorry to say, but sucks on documentation… Again. If we want embedder, we NEED documentation. Example: the autocomplete textbox

Well who can object to this one? As someone learning a bit on Mozilla’s source code. It’s lacking in documentation all around. I’m sure embedder related documentation is no better than anything else. Unfortunately I’m not able to participate, as I could personally use some good documentation myself.

  • Firefox and Thunderbird people ping me when they need a review with an editor’s eye point of view but are almost unresponsive to my r/sr requests.

Hmm. I think this is a growing problem since the Mozilla Foundation started. It looks like there are two little people doing the reviews, or the people doing the reviews are taking on too much. I’d love to see some bugzilla stats on the average review times from now, and a year ago. I’d guess it’s taking a bit longer now. I’m not sure exactly how to remedy this. But I do think it’s an issue. Even with more people coding and contributing. And thanks to Firefox’s success in it’s recent 0.8 release, all the bugzilla bugs coming in… this may be a huge bottleneck.

Code getting in early, means more time in alpha, beta before release. That means more time for testing.

* did not even announce Nvu’s 1st release on its web site 🙁 Even with a short news on the side column… Right, it’s not a product, for the moment. So what? Does it help the spread of Mozilla or not?

I think it would be neat if had a box on the page showing the current version of some Mozilla powered products it doesn’t do itself. Underneath put a link for embedding info.

Just my $0.02.