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Lost da Vinci Painting Found

We’ve seen stories like this before, yet it’s impressive still: For years it sat on a farmhouse wall gathering dust. And when Fiona McLaren redecorated, she didn’t even take the time to cover the apparently worthless painting in a protective sheet, so it got flicked in specks of paint. However, in an astounding twist it […]

Accuracy Of Leonardo da Vinci

The BBC has an interesting article on the accuracy of da Vinci’s work: According to Peter Abrahams, professor of clinical anatomy at Warwick University in the UK, Leonardo’s image is as accurate as anything that can be produced by scientific artists working today. “If you actually know your anatomy, you can see all the tiny […]

da Vinci’s Battle of Anghiari Found?

Researchers think they may have found the missing Battle of Anghiari painting by Leonardo da Vinci. As the story goes da Vinci was commissioned to paint a fresco on a wall of the Florence’s city hall. The experimental technique he used failed and he stopped. Others say it was completed, starting part of the mystery. […]