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Cookie Monster Sings “Share It Maybe”

Share It Maybe - Cookie Monster

I love that how Sesame Street manages to keep up with POP culture. Generally speaking it’s primary audience (young children) don’t always get it, but older kids and adults do.

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Sesame Street Gets Rule 34’d

Elmo & Cookie Monster Adult Fun

Rule 34 of the internet: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.


Sesame Street Fun

The Internet Is For Porn - Cookie Monster

In my opinion, this is the best parody of Avenue Q’s “The Internet is For Porn”. Using Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn is awesome (not to mention Prairie Dawn is a one of the more obscure characters).

If you find this stuff amusing, here’s Bert and Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap, Bert and Ernie – Ernie I’m horny and Bert and Ernie – Where the f*** are by gag balls.

Warning: All of the above have either foul language, or suggestive content and shouldn’t be played in an office environment without headphones, or by those too young to listen (you know who you are).