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Quiet day, just a simple picture.

Christmas At Rockefeller Center

As I do every year, a short detour through Rockefeller Center before Christmas to see what’s going on after work. Next year I think I’ll take something more than my cell phone and make some more proper photos. Should have thought of that earlier. This year a few minutes in the LEGO store, since LEGO […]

Project 365 Week 52

Project 365 Week 50

Christmas Tree

Quick shot of the tree before being taken down. The lighting made it look pretty terrible originally, but I was curious what I could salvage with a little post-processing. I made some adjustments and ended up just getting rid of the color which I felt just wasn’t going to work. The end result is a […]

Christmas Economics

Jeff Walden linked to a great paper:The Deadweight Loss of Christmas by Joel Waldfogel. Given the economy this several year old paper is extremely relevant and interesting. Something to keep in mind when merchants report their holiday sales statistics. I remember a discussion on this in college (likely an economics class). It’s a slight misnomer […]

Santa Claus And Logic

A little analysis/satire on all this Santa Claus stuff… Use caution around children.

Patton Oswalt On Christmas Shoes

You may remember Patton Oswalt as Spence Olchin on The King of Queens. Here’s his little rant on that song “Christmas Shoes”. I’m pretty sure everyone has thought the same thing about this song at some point. This routine of his has some NSFW language so treat it accordingly.

Happy Festivus

As everyone knows, today is Fetivus. So happy Festivus. For those who need some background, they can read my previous post from 2006. Hopefully we can get bug 394616 fixed so Firefox doesn’t mark Festivus as a misspelled word. It’s getting annoying (I know I can add the word, but I periodically clean things up […]