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Thunderbird needs a bug day

Asa’s been great at hosting bug day’s to clean up the bugzilla database a bit, making it accurate, and effective for developers to use. But I think it’s time to expand to Thunderbird/MailNews. Perhaps a 2nd day? Or perhaps integrate it into the effort. Either way, Thunderbird’s being a bit to neglected. Looking at the […]

Baby’s first bugday… let the revolution begin

Ok, well it wasn’t the first, and I wasn’t there the entire time, but I was there for some of it. And let the reformation begin: [Robert] and I’ve got the same schedule every tuesday! [Asa] Robert: if I can find someone to run another BugDay, maybe we can do two a week, one on […]


Bugday is coming very soon. Sadly IRC is blocked here because of what Info Sys. says is a virus plaguing the network. So I’m a no go. Enjoy and good luck to all. Hopefully I can manage to get on the action some way or another.