Thunderbird needs a bug day

Asa’s been great at hosting bug day’s to clean up the bugzilla database a bit, making it accurate, and effective for developers to use. But I think it’s time to expand to Thunderbird/MailNews. Perhaps a 2nd day? Or perhaps integrate it into the effort. Either way, Thunderbird’s being a bit to neglected. Looking at the Rumbling Edge it becomes quite apparent some work is needed. Some of these bugs are ancient, and have been fixed (but not marked as fixed). Some are just useless, since nobody can reproduce the bug, and the reporter is MIA. In any regard, it’s a giant mess. I’d guess 15% of all MailNews and Thunderbird bugs are either dups, WFM, or Invalid.

So… what about a Thunderbird Bug Day?


Baby’s first bugday… let the revolution begin

Ok, well it wasn’t the first, and I wasn’t there the entire time, but I was there for some of it.

And let the reformation begin:

[Robert] and I’ve got the same schedule every tuesday!
[Asa] Robert: if I can find someone to run another BugDay, maybe we can do two a week, one on tuesday and maybe one on Friday or Saturday
[Asa] nosebleed: yeah, that was for you.
[Robert] oh well, I guess I’m out, and missing another bugday 😐
[Robert] in all it’s buggy goodness
[nosebleed] Robert: any day can be a bug day πŸ™‚
[Robert] nosebleed: I’m about to create my own mozilla sect and have my own bug day
[Asa] Robert: go for it!!
[Asa] Robert: I approve of the RobertMozilla sect πŸ™‚
[nosebleed] Robert: as long as you are contributing
[Robert] Asa: I shall…. Oh I shall. I’ll first pin up the tenets of my Mozilla Sect to the doors of the Mozilla foundation with tape, and we shall spit off and form our own!
[Robert] πŸ˜€

That’s right. I’m starting a new sect of Mozillian culture. A sect like no other. We shall celebrate “the bug day” on a day of our choosing. Every day will be a bug day.

Children will dance in the streets. Code will grow on trees. The trees will always be green. Even in the fall. No reds or yellows.

Oh. I haven’t decided if our sect will go door to door selling our faith to the masses or not. I’m thinking not, because I know that annoys me when people do it. πŸ˜€

On a serious note, if anyone is interested in having a shortened bug day, for example, say a 3hr period on Friday afternoon, let me know on IRC, or comment, or email.



Bugday is coming very soon. Sadly IRC is blocked here because of what Info Sys. says is a virus plaguing the network. So I’m a no go.

Enjoy and good luck to all. Hopefully I can manage to get on the action some way or another.