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Shuttle Enterprise Unmated At JFK

About two weeks ago I got to see Shuttle Enterprise Arrive in NYC. NASA Television has now posted some video of the Shuttle being unmated from the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Unlike most of the times we’ve seen this process it was done by crane.

Painting A Boeing 747 Is A Jumbo Job

When you see a large get it’s not terribly hard to appreciate it’s size. It’s not that hard to appreciate the amount of power needed to get it airborne. If you need a reminder, stand behind one that’s taking off. It’s pretty easy however to overlook the amount of time/effort that goes into the giant […]

Attach Orbiter Here

Attach Orbiter Here Note: Black Side Down NASA is known as a pretty bureaucratic organization with lots of CYA procedures. But this is just a great little joke hidden up above one of the Boeing 747’s used to ferry the Shuttles when they land somewhere other than Kennedy Space Center. It’s not just software engineers […]

St. Maartin

Took some photos and video of my trip to Saint Martin. The videos in particular aren’t the best quality, but quite fun to watch. Photos Also managed to shoot some video with my cell phone First Landing Corsairfly – Boeing 747 Takeoff DHL Cessna 208 Caravan Insel Air – MD83 Takeoff American Airlines – Boeing […]