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I finally got around to changing the header to something different. This one is the tracks below Penn Station taken by user garann on sxc. I really should change pics a little more often to freshen the site up.

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New Link Blog {Beta}

Inspired by Robert Scoble I started a link blog [atom feed] powered by Google Reader. It’s just an experiment at this point. I’ll add items as I find them interesting. Should prove interesting.


3 years old

Just realized this blog is now 3 years old (as of a few days ago) with 930 posts.

And yes, posting has been very light lately, as I’ve been extremely busy, though I do expect things to ease up eventually.


Words of Wisdom

I accidentally turned off my “words of wisdom” on the sidebar of the homepage a few weeks ago… it’s back in all it’s glory, plus a few new quotes.

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Trolling is getting out of hand

The vast majority of Internet users are by far peaceful, sharing, and helpful. This especially holds true for the Mozilla Community. Though recently there seems to be a surge in the amount of Trolls parading around, and quite frankly, it needs to stop.

Daniel Glazman had to shut off comments a few months ago. Asa’s also been fighting this war.

Recently I wrote a rebuttal to a rather bogus article that made up “myths” in order to spread FUD. The author then retaliated like he has on many other sites by posting under several assumed names to rally his point of view (I’ve verified this thanks to David Hammond‘s help, who btw picked out the bogus comments just by eye). The author has been banned from numerous blogs/forums including Mozillazine for spamming his poorly researched articles and using false identities to create his own fan base.

Recently he’s decided to step things up by falsely using Asa as an endorsement. FYI he’s also using me as an endorsement by pulling my words out of context (just ellipse over the bad part) to make it look like I approve of the content rather than view it as an interesting fictional work. Here’s more on the topic. Yes he’s been asked to remove it or correct it so that it accurately reflects my intent when it was written. Making it appear as if Asa is against the very product he works so hard for, is just wrong (I can assure you Asa is a Firefox fan or he wouldn’t be doing as much as he does).

I’m somewhat pissed to see someone would go that far as a troll. I’ve even debated the idea of creating a blacklist, so we can collaborate and just block these individuals. I advocate people telling what sucks about Firefox (I wrote the reporter tool explicity so users can tell us what problems they encounter). But this childish trolling is just problematic. I’d question the legality of mis-representing someone, as well as the use of bogus names when leaving comments (may now be illegal).

I really hate to waste bandwidth with this type of stuff, but looking at other blogs recently, it’s becoming a real problem.


New Header

I put up a new header tonight. Finally retiring the old tiger pattern I had up. This one just struck me. I really have to get around to changing it more often.

It’s based on a photo by the user Zela at stock.xchng.

Blog General

Site Maintenance

Like every good master, did a little site maintenance. Well, quite a bit actually. Most shouldn’t be visible (just yet). If you notice any problems let me know. I did correct a few pesky things, but you never know what may come up.

Had a problem with trackbacks not working, though that should be resolved now.

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International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day

Today is International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day (Andy Carvin’s Idea). I think it’s rather appropriate.

For those wanting up to date information on what’s going on, check which has a few slow loading, but information filled threads from people gathering news from all sources.

I think I’ll just leave it with a link to the Red Cross as it’s rather fitting.

Warning: anyone who gets political here may be spanked in a way that would likely be deemed “to far” by most, so I’d recommend avoiding it (I haven’t decided exactly how, but I have been known to be downright rotten when people cross that line). This is not the place for debating what politicians have said/done (or not said/done) in regards to this event.

Apple Blog In The News Politics

Bloggers get ready

There’s going to be a lot of backlash at the blogging community in general thanks to this sicko (Joseph Edward Duncan pretty much detailing his sickness). Just wait until the backlash starts and we get some screwball senator who proposes to require all websites to be registered with law enforcement (the same thing the US has attacked China about).

I’m predicting in the next 18 months, things are going to get rather ugly for bloggers legally. As with any technology a few things will happen:

  1. Someone will find a way to profit – that already happened. There’s a bulk of commercial blogs by CEO’s, companies, media with no other purpose than to gain cheap brand exposure by littering the blogosphere.
  2. Someone will find a way to abuse – that’s already happened. From terrorists (who you can bet have used the medium), to criminals, etc.
  3. Someone will try to legally nullify it, or sue it – that’s about where we stand. Apple started, and it’s going to just escalate. Don’t be surprised if blogspot gets sued by the family or someone else as a result. As if they personally read all of the millions of posts.

Things will get ugly. Don’t forget the whole Patriot Act debate going on. This is right in there. It’s going to get ugly.

Please rel=”nofolllow” links like the above… lets not promote their google rank like many of the ignorant media outlets do.


Oh yea, were 2 already

It’s somewhat hard to believe, but this blog is already 2 years old. I started at the end of March in 2003. Before that this was a static (rarely updated) website.

It honestly feels like it’s just been a matter of weeks ago that I uploaded the blog for the first time. And now 671 posts and 1,305 comments later… here I am. Where is this all going? Who knows.

So here’s to many more years. 😀